Sunday, January 22, 2012


I didn't make any of the recipes I posted last week.

Brent worked two nights...the other nights we ate "cheap" meals out.

I weighed last Monday and the scale was up 6 (SIX!!!!) pounds...I know it's water (or most of it), but it was still pretty discouraging.

SO. This week's dinners are going to be a bit of a "weightloss bootcamp". Meaning I'm not going to be "cooking" anything worthy of blogging about (aka english muffin pizzas, salads, sandwiches, and lean cuisines).

My apologies for no recipes--skim back through the last three weeks or peruse Pinterest for some ideas.

I switched from the running plan I was following to the Couch25K app--which I've had forever, but never completed.

That way I don't have to keep up in my brain (that is just-trying-to-keep-my-lungs-going-so-I-don't-pass-out) how many running intervals I have done. It counts for you and *dings* when it's time to run or walk.

Pretty fabulous.

Brent and I have been looking at houses/lots, trying to figure out what we can afford (and can't) and how much more $$$ we need to save for a down payment. We would really like to build, as I am REALLY picky about home interiors--shocking, right?

We would also like to be on some form of water--bay, canal, inlet, estuary....

We'll see!

Here are a few plans we like....think tin roofs, water views, and scrubby Florida oaks and wild magnolias...

Obviously home plans/square footage would be determined by the lot we find....stay tuned!

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