Sunday, February 5, 2012

around here

Sorry for the absence...I've been busy at work, at cooking, and at working out.

Brent had to work this weekend--which I'm used to, but was still kind of a bummer. So, I went for a beach walk by myself.

Inlet Beach

As you can see, the beach was pretty deserted. Except for this guy...

He was the size of a basketball. Probably the largest jelly fish I've ever seen. And yes, I did poke him with a stick (naturally).

Soon after I discovered the largest jellyfish ever, the fog began rolling in. This is a really weird phenomenon at any time of day, but especially at 2:00 in the afternoon on the beach. I couldn't see more than 20 feet ahead or behind me, so I called it a day.

Moving on...

I'm sure you would like some recipes. Well, I have one to give you. It's quiche. And it's delicious.

Country Quiche to be exact. 

To lighten the recipe, I used 2 eggs and 2 egg whites, instead of 4 eggs. I also used reduced fat cheese. And, I cheated and used already cooked bacon. I sauteed my onion in 1 tsp olive oil instead of bacon grease.

Servings: 8; 7 points/serving

I also burned/dried out made BBQ in the crock pot this week. It wasn't so good...

I am about to go run "Week 5 Day 3" of C25K...wish me luck.

The last few times I have gone down to run there has been a 10-ish yro girl in there with her mom. She likes to get on the treadmill next to me and attempt to race me/run with me. It's pretty obnoxious.

And we're also usually watching Phineas and Ferb or Hannah Montana at the time.



  1. I would have poked the jelly fish too.

  2. Thanks for the recipe! I will be trying it this week.

  3. I would use the jellyfish stick and poke the little girl who tries to race you. I HATE running next to ppl!!!!

  4. I laughed out loud a couple of times at this post. And then thought I might never step in the ocean again. OMG. Anyway, if you want to attempt BBQ in the crockpot again, a great (easy) way is to just pour a beer in the bottom of the crockpot and put in a whole pork loin. Cook on low like all day. I can't remember like 8-12 hours. More like 12. The last hour of cooking, shred the meet with forks and add your favorite BBQ sauce and cook for one more hour. I think it's pretty tasty on a baked potato or a bun! Or just with pickles on top. Try it!

  5. BTW, am I the only one who started hearing Counting Crows in my head when I read the blog title?! I'm so old.