Saturday, September 24, 2011

this week

I worked...

I drove home...

My business cards came in...

This morning we went here...

And took a little Publix sub picnic with us for lunch. The water was perfectly clear and NO seaweed. I could have stayed all day....but some college football (FSU) was calling someone's name...


Friday, September 9, 2011


We are using this artwork in a client's nursery:

These are SO quirky and fun...they have "female" creatures too. The artist sells on Etsy. They are SUPER affordable and come in all sorts of sizes.

I really like the Otter. I'm pretty sure he has a British accent.

Check them out... Berkley Illustration

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

dinner reviews and what not

Hi there.

So, last week I made PW's Beef with Snow Peas and the Balsamic Brown Sugar Pork. Both delicious. Both make A LOT. Both "reheated" well as leftovers.

PW calls for low sodium soy sauce...she isn't kidding! All I had was regular. Still edible, but a tad salty!

Then there's the pork. Not only was it delicious, but SO SO SO easy. One (double) word: crockpot.

I know I promised a way for you to help me with staying the course with my weight watchers...but I forgot to do what I was planning....but I will! Down 2 pounds this week! :)

We have been really busy at work these past few weeks. I'll **try** to remember to take some pics of some of the pretty things we are working with. Residential design is throwing gasoline on my burning desire for an old cottage...or a new cottage!

Labor Day weekend was fun. Mom, Dad, Lauren, Michael, and the girls came to visit. Mom and Dad opted to stay at a rental...I have no idea why?! Since the weather was yucky (impressive, but yucky) we ate our way through the weekend.

We have no food (besides hotdogs) in our house at the moment. Dinner should be interesting.