Monday, March 28, 2011


I think I'm about to get crafty.

With the way the job market is and how bored I get after I clean the apartment for the 100th time for the week, I need a creative outlet.

One that may possibly make a little money, via (you guessed it) Etsy.

What I am going to make?

Can't tell you that yet.

It will be vintage-y and Anthropologie-y and you will want to have one (or two)--I hope!

(And yes, I DO know what I am going to make--just need to test it out this week.)

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Springtime is upon us--YAY!!!!!

With that said, so are all of the SUPER cute spring fashions.

"Beachy" is my favorite Spring/Summer "look."

I would like to wear this today, courtesy of Anthropologie (of course):

Sunny Skies Tee

Worker Bee Trousers

Marine Depths Wedges

Tears of Midas Earrings

Laughter & Efflorescence Cuff

Pompom Zarape Clutch

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

cows in a tree.

It rained a lot the other night. We had an oak tree casualty due to excessive ground saturation.

Apparently cows eat Spanish moss...

 There are actually 3 calves and 2 cows here...


I love moss.

Maybe if I don't mooooove, she won't see me and will go away so I can eat my newly found moss in peace.

Ok, fine. Bye.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

mid-week list.

1. Rent is due. I hate paying rent.

2. I have been to a workout class 3 out of the last 4 days. YAY me!

3. I have been trying some new recipes and will share them over the next days/weeks.

3a. We need to stop eating out 3+ times a week.

3b. I LOVE eating out.

4. My niece thinks Husband looks like Buzz Lightyear. You be the judge.

5. Husband has his one month post-op doctor's appointment Monday...he is SO desperate to play golf, so let's hope for some good news!

6. I love Spring.

7. I miss Spring Break.

8. Sister and Brother-in-law are going to Jamaica this month for sister's 30th birthday...jealous (about Jamaica, not so much the big 3-0).

9. I will be keeping my nieces while they are gone...unless I am employed.

10. I hope that I'm employed--not because I don't want to keep my nieces, but because I am SO TIRED of being unemployed. I could scream. But I won't.

11. I will continue with the job hunt and practicing patience.

12. Husband and I just signed up for the Rumpshaker 5k in Birmingham on March 26. It is for colon cancer awareness. Our team is "Seymore Butts" and was started by one of my bestest friends, Melissa, who's (awesome) father has colon cancer. Please go here for more info and to sign up. It's $20 and that includes your "donation", t-shirt, and some other little goodies. Feel free to join our team!

13. Happy Hump Day!